Jeanne Willis

Jeanne Willis is a writer with an incisive wit that cuts straight to the point in books like Tadpole’s Promise and Chicken Clicking. But she’s more than a one-note writer. With Jeanne, you get an entire symphony, from the jaunty and plain silly Sing a Song of Bottoms, the tender, melodic Bog Baby or the rousing Wild Child. It was a pleasure to catch up with Jeanne and talk with her about her latest book, Hom.

About Hom

Hom is the last of his kind. I don’t know what kind of creature he is, and nobody knows he exists… apart from me.

When a boy washes up on a desert island, he is sure he’s on his own in the world. But there’s someone else living there: Hom, a peace-loving creature who has lost his family, too. Alone on the island together, they learn from each other and become the best of friends.

So when a rescue ship appears on the horizon, the boy has a big decision to make…

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